"Your body is the greatest instrument of all.
You play it every second of every day your entire life.
If you listen to it and keep it well tuned, it will always perform at its best."

Be well,
Dr. Max.
Dr. Max's Healing Center


Dr. Max Levin is a Holistic Healer and Chiropractic Physician. He specializes in helping people who are feeling out of balance or in pain due to active and/or stressful lifestyles,

His holistic, hands-on approach allows time for focused, gentle and effective treatments. Dr. Max is committed and motivated to helping you reclaim your passion for life and to helping you achieve your goals, by working to remove whatever is in the way. Whether it be chronic pain, acute injury, stress related imbalances or simply a need to improve the quality and performance of your life, Dr. Max will apply his knowledge of several schools of healing to support that change.

What brought you to the practice of healing? I grew up in a family that was spiritually oriented and far more into Holistic medicine than traditional Allopathic medicine. My earliest influence came through my father who has been an avid fitness enthusiast and natural hygienist most of my life. His encouragement and direction fueled my curiosity for nutrition, development of the body, and health in general. In my early teens, I began to have issues with my neck and back and my father sent me to his chiropractor, a holistic healer named Dr. Kevin Michael. Under his care and that of the other healers in his practice I was exposed to a whole world of natural medicine. Kevin became a mentor to me and he, as well as the other healers and physicians there, began to show me the potential that intention and the human mind can have in the healing arts.

What are your credentials? I have a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine. (D.C.), both granted from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles. The D.C. consisted of a four year course of study including a one year clinical internship. I have been a licensed Chiropractic Physician since 2002.

What training does a Chiropractor undertake? Like a medical Education, the chiropractic curriculum is designed to cover the general educational standards of the field with required additional education for specialization. Unlike M.D.s, who have titles to designate their specialization, Chiropractors often do not. This can make it challenging to find the type of Chiropractor that is right for you.

I began my hands on training at 19, studying massage therapy and worked as a massage therapist for several years. During that time, Dr. Kevin Mentored me in his specialized technique that focused on repairing connective tissue. This technique is based on understanding the nature of fascial planes in the body and how to restore balance when it comes under stress. The wisdom and tools from that training are not taught in Chiropractic schools. The family of healers that I studied with served as an institution of natural medicine and over the past 2 decades I have developed a comprehensive understanding of many common, but misunderstood illness and systemic imbalances. I was taught how to advise, guide, support and instruct my patients with simple and natural solutions.

Are you involved in continuing education? I believe that we must always remain open as students in this and any art. Working with other healers and physicians and learning from patient’s makes my practice challenging and evolving. In addition, The Chiropractic board or California requires the we attend 24 hours per year of approved continuing education courses. In the past 10 years I have studies various techniques in Chiropractic sports medicine, nutrition and holistic internal medicine.

What techniques do you use in your healing practice? Regarding adjusting, I use what is known as Diversified Technique, which is the most popular form of adjusting as it allows the practitioner to employ whichever techniques work best for the patient’s needs. Many of the techniques I use were taught to me directly by my mentor and have roots in osteopathic principles. With my background in bodywork and massage, I believe that it is crucial to reduce the tension and stress in an area before adjusting so I spend a good amount of time doing soft tissue work. This allows adjustments to be more gentle and longer lasting.

How do you know when to employ different techniques? Most of chiropractic and healing is a matter of technique, listening and experience. Each person has unique needs and requires a different approach. Through dialogue and patience we find our way.

What are common ailments you treat? Most of what I treat is pain related. Sports injuries, back and neck pain, joint pain and muscle tension, and both acute and chronic. Some conditions have roots in repetitive stress syndromes, some in ergonomics and others take some investigating to discover a cause. I also offer performance based Wellness Care.

What are common ailments that people wouldn't even associate with chiropractic work that you treat? Because most doctors overlook the connection between mind, body and internal health, I often find that pain and dysfunction may stem from systemic imbalances, such as digestive problems, nutritional imbalances, allergies, immune system weakness or from emotion stresses. As a result , I help patients treat their whole being. That is how I use the term “Holistic” to describe my work.

Do you crack and heavily manipulate or are you more of a gentle touch? A good adjustment can be amazing when applied in the right way at the right time. I use many tools to help restore physical balance and well being.

I believe in a gentle approach to body work. I do tend to adjust all of my patients, but my particular adjusting style is not aggressive. Each person has specific needs and certain preferences and I am very sensitive to people's own comfort level. I have the tools to accommodate most with a positive outcome.

Do you prescribe natural supplements or medication? Good food, plenty of clean water and adequate rest are the best medicines. Sometimes we may need a little more help. I carry a very small selection of what I consider the highest quality products on the market in the field of Nutritional Medicine. Most of what I carry has been proven over time to help my patients with specific issues. However, I have no allegiance to any specific brand, type of supplementation and medication. I encourage patient involvement in every aspect of their health care and share my knowledge of nutritional medicine.

What are you rates for a first appointment? Follow up appointments? Do you take insurance? My sessions rates are based on time.
Initial Visit:
Exam & Treatment (1 hour) $200.00
This time is allotted to assessment of complaints and intitial treatment of the chief complaint.

Follow up sessions:
Full Session (50 min) $180.00
This is a full session designed to work ok on moderate to severe chronic issues, injury rehabilitation or to treat multiple areas.

Single Session: (25 min) $90.00
This is a tune up session for those with mild to moderate pain and discomfort in one area, for general maintenance or in the final stages of rehabilitation.

We do not currently take insurance.


Dr. Max's Healing Center Dr. Max's Healing Center


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